Randolph Dentist Office

Randolph Dentist Office

Dental Plaque in Randolph

Effective care and prevention always require going back to the source and finding what is ultimately responsible. So when you want to experience fewer cavities and instances of gum disease, you have to begin by addressing dental plaque. And that is exactly what we do here at Morris Plains Center for Dentistry.

When you wake up in the morning, do you notice that your mouth feels as if there is a coating on your teeth and tongue? Well, it’s perfectly normal, if not very pleasant. Dental plaque is what you’re experiencing. You can’t see it, but it is there. It is made up of bacterial acids, and that is why you have morning breath. It’s so refreshing to perform that first teeth brushing, because you are washing away all of that and restoring a mouth that feels fresh. Throughout the day, you should repeat that process. Brush your teeth after meals, and also before you go to sleep. How about flossing? Our Randolph dentist office recommends that you do so at bedtime. Be thorough and take your time. Loosen up those food particles and any sticky plaque that is between your teeth. When you come to our Randolph dentist office twice per year, in addition to a complete oral examination, you will get a teeth cleaning. Having it professionally done is an essential part of dealing with dental plaque, and more important it is crucial for the elimination of tartar buildup, the hardened form of plaque that cannot be efficiently taken care of on your own.

It is a fact that the less plaque and tartar that develop, and the less time they have to cause problems, the higher your degree of oral health is likely to be. Why not contact our Randolph dentist office right now to arrange your next trip here?

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