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Teeth Whitening Morris Plains

ZOOM whitening in Morris Plains

Teeth whitening Morris Plains

Teeth whitening Morris Plains

At Morris Plains Center for Dentistry, our teeth whitening Morris Plains is done in our offices using the Zoom! Whitening procedure. It is a quick, easy way to dramatically and quickly whiten teeth in just over an hour’s time. Results are instantaneous and come out looking fantastic. Because substances like wine, tea, coffee and nicotine darken teeth over time, it’s recommended that patients who have whitening abstain from substances as much as possible in order to preserve the whiteness of the teeth.

The Zoom! Teeth whitening Morris Plains system can cover even the most stubborn stains from tobacco use, illness or age. Using a special light that activates the Zoom whitening gel placed on teeth, our dentist will give you healthier looking, whiter teeth in just over an hour. It is safe and painless. Teeth whitening generally lasts a year or more depending on oral hygiene habits. The better the oral hygiene habit, the better the whitening looks and stays on teeth. Brushing and flossing regularly will help to combat staining and plaque and tartar buildup.

Besides teeth whitening Morris Plains we also specialize in a number of other dental procedures. Whether it’s restorative, cosmetic or general dentistry, we’re here to help. We also handle root canals, sleep apnea problems and emergency dental treatments. For sleep apnea sufferers, we provide a special appliance that helps the patient to sleep better at night through control of the sleep apnea. If it’s dentures you’re seeking, give us a call. We consult and then provide patients with a variety of teeth replacement options such as implants, full and partial dentures, and more. For more information feel free to call our offices today and schedule an appointment or speak to a dental representative. To learn more about our services, check out our website and read about what we specialize in.

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