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Morris County Children’s Dentist

Pediatric dental exams and cleanings in Morris County

Morris County Children's dentist

Morris County Children’s dentist

Here at Morris Plains Center for Dentistry, we do everything in our power to make our pediatric dental exams and cleanings a simple, comfortable, and pleasant experience. It is essential that your child come in once every six months in order to promote strong, cavity-free teeth, and healthy, vibrant gums.

We want your child to feel at ease with our office, the equipment and instruments used, our staff, and most of all our Morris County children’s dentist. Familiarity leads to less nervousness. There are two components to the visit, and first up is checking for any obvious loose teeth or fillings (if any), as well as for signs of gum disease. Your child’s bite (occlusion) will also be checked. This is all done visually and with instruments to assist. But to detect cavities requires x-rays. It’s a painless and quick process. Keep in mind that the sooner a cavity is diagnosed and filled, the less chance there is for complications such as a toothache, infection, and early loss of a baby tooth. It is a priority to make sure that those teeth fall out on their normal schedule. If they have to come out sooner than that, your child’s other teeth can shift and then leave insufficient room for adult teeth to grow in later. In addition to addressing any existing cavities, it is also crucial for our Morris County children’s dentist to prevent future ones. That’s where our teeth cleaning comes in. Tartar buildup and residual plaque are eradicated, giving your child a fresh start on renewed oral wellness.

Along with limiting your child’s sugar intake, and ensuring that he or she brushes and flosses daily, the best thing you can do for her or his dental health is to contact our office right now to schedule an appointment with our Morris County children’s dentist for an examination and cleaning.

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