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Laser Dentist 07950

Laser dentistry in 07950

Laser dentist 07950

Laser dentist 07950

If you are looking for an excellent dental practice that offers state-of-the-art technology and techniques, then you will want to visit us at Morris Plains Center for Dentistry. Our laser dentist 07950, Dr. Sami Solaimanzadeh, is very happy to be able to provide laser dentistry for his patients; at our dental practice, we offer complete dental care for all members of the family.

Lasers are now becoming popular in dentistry as they already have become in many other areas of medicine, such as in ophthalmology. Now lasers are routinely used for cataract and glaucoma surgery, with excellent results and minimal discomfort for the patient. Lasers are now finding their way into the dentist’s office and offer excellent and improved treatment options for our patients. At our dental practice, we are very happy to offer treatment with the Biolase laser. Dental lasers have become an important development in recent dental technology. Dental lasers can now be used to treat tooth decay, treat gum disease, help perform biopsies, remove oral lesions, to cure filling materials, and to activate in-office teeth whitening systems. Our dental laser uses laser energy and water to safely cut and shape soft or hard tissues in the mouth. Lasers allow our dentist to precisely cut through tooth structure so much less enamel needs to be removed during cavity treatment. The laser operates without touching the tooth, and there is no heat, vibration, or pressure felt by the patient. This minimizes any discomfort and greatly reduces the need for dental anesthesia. Dental lasers also help to reduce patients’ anxieties, as well as minimize post-operative bleeding and swelling. Unfortunately, dental lasers cannot be used for every type of dental procedure. However, our laser dentist 07950 will let you know if the dental work that you need to have performed can be performed using our Biolase laser.

For an appointment to see our laser dentist 07950 for complete dental care, contact us today.

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