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07950 dentist

Healthy gums are every bit as important as healthy teeth. You can’t neglect one without affecting the other. It’s not really all that difficult to achieve and maintain a high level of oral well-being that encompasses both your teeth and your gums. A nutritious diet limited in sugar, brushing after meals, daily flossing, and two visits a year to our 07950 dentist at Morris Plains Center for Dentistry are all it takes. And considering the benefits you get from doing so, that’s not a lot of effort to put in.

The wellness of your teeth and gums are closely linked to how plaque is addressed. Plaque is the film-like substance that forms on and between teeth. It feeds off of sugars, eroding your tooth enamel to form small holes, or what we all know as dental cavities. Plaque also irritates your gums. Most of the plaque in your mouth is eliminated with brushing and flossing, but some of it hides away in gum pockets and out of reach of your oral hygiene routine. It then hardens into tartar, which is just as hazardous, but cannot be removed through brushing and flossing. For that, you need a teeth cleaning, done as part of your six month dental exam with our 07950 dentist. A cleaning eradicates all of the plaque and tartar, giving you a fresh start on your oral health. If you put off your checkup and cleaning, plaque and tartar can eventually inflame and even infect your gums, in addition to causing cavities to grow larger, which puts you at greater risk for an infection and the need for root canal. Advanced gum disease can lead to persistent bad breath, receding gums, bleeding, and loose teeth.

Why risk the consequences that plaque and tartar can cause? Call us right now and schedule an appointment with our 07950 dentist. With a dental exam and teeth cleaning, the odds will be in your favor to have strong, cavity-free teeth and disease-free gums now and in the future.

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